Published On: December 28, 2021Categories: BigCommerce

BigCommerce is a BigCommerce platform that has been rapidly gaining popularity in recent times since it has grown into one of the top options for those looking to create an eCommerce storefront that is professional without difficulty.

While the primary attributes of this platform make it a great choice, there’s an urgent need for experienced BigCommerce web developers who can design fully responsive and responsive websites, customized integrations, and custom-designed themes that are tailored specifically to your business’s unique requirements.

A well-designed eCommerce website is crucial for converting your visitors into buyers.

Everything from how your site looks to the way it functions on mobile devices could affect the way the user browses your online store. At every stage of the purchasing process, you need to ensure that your BigCommerce store is professional-looking and is equipped with all of the necessary features that customers are seeking.

In this article, we’ll take a look at three main reasons why having a BigCommerce design is essential in order to maximize the sales you make, and also the reason why Savvy Programmers is considered to be one of the top eCommerce agencies for providing customized BigCommerce solutions that actually improve the performance of your online store.

Why a BigCommerce partner is important for the Long-Term success of your business

Popular for its features such as optimized one-page checkouts and inventory management tools and a powerful page builder, BigCommerce is an easy option for eCommerce stores that want an efficient and fully-featured storefront.

The problem with pre-packaged products like these is the fact that eventually, you’ll hit obstacles as you try to incorporate your own eCommerce idea into an established template. As your business grows it will require advanced features and specific features that aren’t available in the native BigCommerce plans. Having a dedicated BigCommerce partner will allow you to make better decisions for the long-term health of your eCommerce business.

As the owner of a store you’ll be faced with two options: remain with the current layout and be at risk of letting your store stagnant, or work with a certified BigCommerce partner who can assist you in navigating these challenges by focusing on design marketing, development, and initiatives.

A professionally-developed BigCommerce website design will stick out among your competitors and will improve the entire sales process, as your store will be more responsive, easier to navigate, and will better accommodate your users in every way.

It’s not enough just to make a design that you want, however. To ensure long-term growth it is essential to have an expert partner to assist you in achieving those eCommerce objectives on a greater scale. That requires a considered approach to the design process that only certain companies can manage.

Savvy Programmers, we employ a thorough method of working with each aspect of BigCommerce project development and design. We spend a lot of time listening to the particular needs of our customers prior to any development starts.

We collaborate closely with our clients to understand their requirements, determine their place in the market and develop customized solutions that make the most from the BigCommerce platform.

It’s this level of knowledge and expertise in our approach to eCommerce development that has made us an influential player in the field. Customers from all over the world are able to trust us to deliver fast web pages, custom applications, and integrations, as well as brand-specific designs that connect with their customers and encourage customers to buy.

When you’re running a business, it is important to must always think about the long-term. If you’re trying to improve your online store using the help of a customized BigCommerce theme or require a full-blown marketing campaign that involves enhancing the technical aspects of your website to attract more customers All it comes down to selecting the appropriate BigCommerce agency to do the task.

Acknowledged as the Industry Giant For BigCommerce Website Design

What is the best way to create an eCommerce store that offers everything that your customers are looking for? If you do Google searches about the topic and you’ll discover a variety of articles about anything from search engine optimization to responsive designs written by experts with different levels of expertise on these topics.

The reality is that being successful in eCommerce isn’t an easy task.

There are obstacles to conquer that require a lot of effort and complex solutions. This is the reason why there are numerous websites dedicated to this topic. If you’ve been in the field for long enough, then you’ve likely read numerous pieces written by well-known entrepreneurs who have succeeded in online marketing and eCommerce and are now hoping to share useful information with entrepreneurs looking for solutions.

The most highly-regarded person in the field can be Neil Patel.

Popular for his SEO Keyword tool Ubersuggest, as well as numerous other achievements, this London-based businessman is widely recognized for being one of the leading experts on online marketing for companies. His blog is among the most popular blogs in the whole industry and is the gold standard of reliability and trustworthiness for business owners who want to enhance their web presence in a myriad of ways.

Recently, Neil Patel recognized Savvy Programmers as the most effective eCommerce design firm for BigCommerce modifications. It is due to the long listing of BigCommerce merchants that we have worked with and the numerous customizations and design projects we’ve implemented over the course of time. This is a clear indication of the importance of the owners of stores to work with a BigCommerce web designer who can be able to accommodate them.

The main point of the article particularly lays out how design and development are vital to the long-term success and growth that is an eCommerce store. With the top digital marketing agencies for eCommerce in 2021, the effects of traffic, sales and ROI were covered extensively.

Actually, Neil Patel makes it an effort to state at the beginning of the article that each enhancement made to eCommerce websites must result in more revenue one way or the other. Neil Patel’s expertise on the subject of digital marketing gives him unique insight into the importance that design and development play in this arena. A professional BigCommerce design is essential for enhancing the way your store performs from a user perspective.

This is important since it indicates that development and design for custom purposes is a source of revenue.

In terms of powerful marketing tools, nothing’s more powerful than your own site. Your BigCommerce website should be performing much of the work in order to convince your customers to sign up.

If you’ve noticed that your website has a high bounce rate or poor conversion percentage, that’s an indication that it’s not functioning properly as a marketing tool.

This is the time to seek the constant support of an Elite BigCommerce vendor who can provide efficient solutions that can improve the functionality of your online storefront.

One of the things Neil Patel is calling out in his article about Savvy Programmers is that, without a customized BigCommerce design, your website won’t look professional or have that smooth feel that a lot of customers are seeking. It doesn’t matter if you need an integration with a third-party app or a completely customized category page that communicates your message to the world our group of BigCommerce experts at Savvy Programmers are well-equipped to help you achieve it.

What can a BigCommerce website Designer Help Increase Revenue?

Neil Patel’s experience in the business and his extensive experience in marketing are what allow him to understand the reason why a professional web design is so crucial in boosting sales. However, the article does not provide many details about the real benefits of improving your BigCommerce design, or the kinds of solutions our agency as a whole can offer BigCommerce stores owners.

Below, you’ll find some instances of ways a design idea could completely turn your company around.

1. Better UX Boosts Conversion

The user experience or the UX on a site usually determines how well it does. In addition to the speed at which buttons respond, how simple to locate specific items an eCommerce storefront must be well-oiled to maximize the number of conversions.

An experienced BigCommerce web design company can assist in ensuring that your website will meet the needs of your customers in all areas. The more user-friendly your site is the better chances that your customers will be comfortable, locate the information they’re searching for, and move throughout the sale process smoothly.

2. A Beautiful BigCommerce Design is great for Brand Recognition

Another way that a well-created website can increase sales is through brand recognition. A visually appealing, distinctive website will be noticed from the eyes of your visitors and will keep them coming back.

An established brand gives you an edge over your competitors and improves customer retention, while also attracting new customers that perceive your brand as an authority in your field.

3. A properly designed eCommerce site Enhances SEO

You shouldn’t get too far into the fundamentals of a site without talking about SEO. SEO is among the most essential aspects of any website and if you plan on getting noticed by search engines, it is essential to be serious about it and invest your money.

Although the customized design task for BigCommerce might not always include SEO techniques specifically, there will have some overlap. A poorly-coded application may slow down your website’s performance which can affect the user experience, and adversely impact your site’s rankings.

Our eCommerce developers and experts collaborate with our team of digital marketers to ensure that all we do is SEO-friendly. It is created to improve your rank on Google and not hurt them. When we design the scope of a project, we search for ways we can enhance the performance of a website and then optimize the site to have an increased chance of being found organically.

Growing your organic traffic in the right way will result in greater sales. This is one of the reasons famous marketers like Neil Patel have made a career of discussing the subject and helping others be aware of it, as it’s a difficult issue.

In all matters related to SEO for eCommerce, You are likely to need an experienced BigCommerce company on your side with a wealth of knowledge in this area and knows how to put in the correct SEO techniques on the platform to achieve the most effective outcomes.

A site that has a solid SEO base will allow for continual optimizations and online marketing campaigns much more efficiently therefore this is an important aspect to keep in mind when you’re considering developing your own website. It is essential that the agency you choose recognizes the importance of SEO in the current market and that the development plan or brand new design will include these tactics for marketing right from the beginning.